How does ozone work in air

Ozone as an air purifier

In our daily life, we always face these smell around us, stale odour, cigarette, kitchen smell, living room smell, paint smell, decomposition of food, toilet smell etc. Use air freshener it not ideal to solve the above problem cause it doesn’t remove the odour at all and not good for your health, even pollute our environment.
Now, an ozone generator could give you an effective and environmental answer.
While ozone is very powerful, it has a very short life-cycle. When contaminants such as odors, bacteria or viruses make contact with ozone, they are destroyed completely by oxidation. In so doing, that extra atom of oxygen is consumed and there is nothing left, no odor, no bacteria, no extra atom, only oxygen. Ozone reverts back to oxygen after it is used.

Here is some chemical equation for typical hazardous substance:
1. Nicotine: C10H14N2+ O3→→→→H2O+CO2+ O2+N2
2. Formaldehyde : HCHO+ O3→→→→H2O+CO2+ O2
3. Benzene : C6H6+12O3→→→→12CO2+6H2O+ 3O2

For toilet air cleaning:
CH4S+2O3=======CO2+2H2O+SO2——-( Methyl mercaptan)
3CH3-S-CH3+7O3===3CO2+9H2O+3SO2——(Dimethyl sulfide)
3(CH3)2S2+11O3=====6CO2+6SO2+9H2O——–(Methyl cellosolve acetate disulfide)
CS2+2O3=====CO2+2SO2———–(Carbon disulfide)
4O3+H2S=H2SO4+4O2 or 4O3+3H2S=3H2SO4——–(Sulfuretted hydrogen)

How many ozone should be used ?

What the result after ozone treatment?

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