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Application of ozone in agricultural vegetable greenhouse —— Ozone disinfection of vegetables

Ozone disinfection of vegetables is different from general fungicides for vegetables. The general fungicide is a progressive and cumulative bactericidal effect, and the bactericidal effect of ozone is rapid. When the concentration exceeds a certain threshold, the disinfection and sterilization can be completed in an instant. It is with this powerful and rapid oxidizing power…

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Why use Duran tube to make corona discharge ozone module ?

Aquapure’s corona discharge ozone module is made of stainless steel electorde with Duran/Pyrex tubes. The ozone module made of duran tube is much durable and longer lifespan than quartz tube Corona discharge ozone module with Duran tube has below advantages : 1.) Duran Tube doesn’t absorb water like Quartz tubes. Quartz manufactured from Silica  which…

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