Advantage of ozonated water

Ozone is effective over a wide pH range and rapidly destroys bacteria, viruses,

pesticides and pathogens.

It has stronger germicidal properties than chlorination, and is a strong oxidant with a short

reaction time.

  • 3,000 times more germichidal than chlorine
  • 160 times more bactericidal than sulphur dioxide
  • 37 times more bactericidal than formaldehyde


 The advantages of ozonated water treatment

  1. Ozone is an excellent oxidant, which can kill viruses and spores with strong resistance to chlorine.
  2. Ozone disinfection is less affected by effluent PH value and temperature.
  3. Ozone can remove color, smell, taste, phenol and chlorine from sewage, increase dissolved oxygen in water and improve water quality.
  4. Ozone can decompose refractory organic compounds and trigenic substances and improve the biodegradability of sewage.

5 ozone is easy to decompose in water and will not cause two pollution due to residue.


Advantage of ozonated water 1


Half Life of Ozone

O3 is unstable like the cloud, changes quickly to O2

the half-life (time for half of the ozone in air to decompose )

is 20-60 mins depends on the Temperature,PH


Ozone can’t be stored or canned, it must be made on site, so it requires ozone generator

 Advantage of ozonated water 2

Aquapure ‘s Ozone Generator System


Create a safe and healthy environment for your family without using

hazardous chemicals with the Ozone Tap. Kills 99% of common pathogens in kitchens

Remove pesticdes from food

Longer lasting fruit and vegetables

Keeps seafood and poultry fresh

Removes odours

Keeps surfaces, sponges and brushes germ free

Clean clothes in ozonized water

Skin and dental healthcare

Quick and easy to install



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