ozone therapy anti-cancer effects

Anti-cancer effects of ozone
Anti-cancer effects of ozone​

ozone therapy anti-cancer effects

A global cancer data report from May 2022 shows that the incidence and mortality rate of cancer in China are the highest in the world, of every 100 cancer deaths worldwide, nearly 24 are Chinese, and nearly 5 people die of cancer every minute, cancer is the number one killer that endangers human health, the reason why cancer is difficult to cure is that it is easy to recur and metastasize, and recurrence and metastasis mostly happen within Most recurrences and metastases occur within three years of treatment, and a few occur within five years of treatment.

Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies have been the mainstay of oncology treatment, but their efficacy is limited and can affect the quality of life of patients. In the last decade of clinical research in oncology, ozone combination therapy has been found to offer a new breakthrough for cancer patients.

Ozone Science

 ozone therapy anti-cancer effects

ozone therapy anti-cancer effects

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ozone, also called ozone blue oxygen? The chemical formula O3 is found mainly at altitudes of several thousand metres, in the stratosphere and in the atmosphere where it effectively blocks ultraviolet light, but here we have to explain the special function of ozone therapy anti-cancer effects.

ozone therapy anti-cancer,  Ozone treatment produces hydrogen peroxide, which can play a defensive role and kill bacteria, as well as stimulate the increase of white blood cells in the body, enhance the phagocytosis of viruses and stimulate the immune function of other cells. This is to avoid the dependence and addiction caused by long-term dependence on analgesic drugs.

Ozone can increase the oxygen supply, which is 13 times higher than oxygen, and can increase the oxygen content of local tissues. It has the effect of eliminating plaque on the inner wall of blood vessels, preventing the formation of blood clots and reducing LDL, as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and sterilizing, and regulating the body’s immunity and enhancing blood circulation in the body.

In fact, ozone has been used in the medical field for about 200 years and ozone therapy can be traced back as far as World War I, when it was used to treat gas gangrene.

Ozone therapy anti-cancer effects-mechanisms of Ozone Oxygen Therapy 


Firstly, ozone induces the release of tumour necrosis factor in the body without having a toxic effect on normal cells, and is by far the most powerful biologically active factor in killing tumour cells.

Secondly, the hydrogen peroxide produced by ozone entering the body can reduce the metabolic level of cancer cells and directly inhibit the proliferation of tumour cells, and can also produce hydrogen peroxidase to protect normal cells.

Thirdly, ozone activates antioxidant enzymes and scavenges free radicals. The action of ozone with cells is equivalent to the action of a vaccine, by stimulating the activation of the body’s antioxidant capacity to scavenge free radicals, thus inhibiting the carcinogenic effect of free radicals on the organism.

Fourthly, cancer occurs due to the cellular level, ozone enters the body and can produce oxygen and metabolism, increase tissue oxygen supply and destroy the survival environment of tumour cells

Fifth, ozone can inhibit or even eliminate the side effects and sequelae of surgical procedures, and can improve the condition of the patient’s body when the patient’s post-operative radiotherapy is carried out smoothly.

Sixth, ozone can kill tumour cell proliferation virus, different doses of ozone concentration have different degrees of inhibitory effect on different tumours without any toxic side effects on normal cells.

Seventh, interferon can resist viral attacks and genetic mutations, and the effect of interferon is enhanced to seven to eight times by ozone treatment.

Eighth, ozone can reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy and reduce the adverse consequences of cancer treatment, such as pain, anorexia, low blood count, anaemia, liver and kidney impairment, cachexia, etc. Ozone therapy has become a refuelling station for patients, where you will find that living with tumour becomes a new mode of survival!

ozone therapy anti-cancer effects case

Patient Zhang Moumou Male, 54 years old, diagnosed with renal clear cell carcinoma in February 2019 at a provincial hospital and underwent right nephrectomy. Six months after surgery, he developed weakness of the right lower limb with pain in the lower back, and on 18 October 2019, MRI of the lumbar spine showed abnormal signal in the L5 vertebral body with severe bone destruction and different degrees of destruction in other vertebral bodies, consistent with the MRI manifestation of metastatic tumour. Later, bone cement treatment was performed after the destruction of the lumbar 5 vertebral body tumour.

When the patient came to the clinic, he was admitted on crutches with severe pain in the whole back, weakness in both lower limbs and limited walking. After 15 days of ozone treatment, the patient’s pain was significantly reduced, and after 45 days, the patient could walk on his own. 90 days later, the patient’s whole body pain and weakness disappeared, and after examination, the patient’s destroyed bone scabs formed and the vertebral body tumour disappeared, and now he has back to work. this is

ozone therapy anti-cancer effects.

When we are at the end of our rope, we should have the courage to consult an ozone physician, and by choosing to trust them, we are giving ourselves or our families hope! With the help of ozone, we can look forward to fight against the tumour for a long time!

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