The Clinical Application of Medical Ozone​

medical ozone for therapy Various diseases

The Clinical Application of Medical Ozone

Cerebral apoplexy

It includes hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke. The treatment can obviously improve the acute cerebral edema. Compared with the conventional mannitol treatment, it has the characteristics of short time and quick effect. It can also be applied to meningitis and peripheral neuritis. In addition, for patients in the rehabilitation period, the limb function can be improved very well, and the quality of life of patients can be improved.

The Clinical Application of Medical Ozone​


The observation results at home and abroad show that the effective time and effective rate of treatment are significantly better than those of statins, without any side effects.


It can reduce the treatment of hypoglycemic drugs, and it has a very good effect on eye and foot disease caused by diabetes

Hepatitis disease

For the treatment of viral hepatitis, the curative effect is equal to or slightly better than interferon, lamivudine and other antiviral drugs, but there is no side effect of antiviral drugs, and the cost is low. For the clinical treatment of acute hepatitis, ozone has the effect of reducing jaundice and transaminase. It has obvious curative effect on alcoholic hepatitis and drug hepatitis.

Brain edema after brain surgery

Surgical wound site

Routine irrigation with ozonated water significantly promotes healing of the incision. The most promising thing is that the wound leaves very light scars.

Rheumatic pain diseases

The technology of using interventional methods to treat cervical and lumbar disc herniation, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, knee arthritis and other diseases with ozone therapy has been very mature and has achieved very good results.


The application of ozone autotransfusion therapy, ozone water washing and ozone oil daubing has a remarkable effect on pressure sore, diabetes foot, banded scar rash, eczema and hand and foot skin fungal infection.


Because ozone can induce the body to produce a variety of cytokines, such as tumor necrosis factor, many foreign medical institutions use ozone therapy as an adjuvant therapy for anti-tumor, reduce the pain of radiotherapy patients, enhance the patient’s own immunity, and achieve promising results.


A new internationally recognized disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or CFS for short, is more prevalent among white-collar workers, related workers, and housewives. The only effective solution is medical ozone autologous blood transfusion therapy. After one course of treatment (10 sessions), the patient’s symptoms disappear and the effect is very obvious.

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