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Aquapure ozone has a drive and passion for Innovation.we know Innovation is the primary productive force in new era ,therefore our team has R&D ability and continuous learning and improvement our technology ,provide good service and technology to customers .
aquapure currently working in the field of R&D for Medical Ozone Generators, Medical Ozone Equipment, Medical Ozone Gas, Ozonated Water and Ozonated Oil.
tesing machine
Now,we focus on innovation and rectal insufflation therapy, Autohemotherapy ,Ozonated Oils ,and the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry.
at the same time we will continues to pioneer Medical Ozone in the Sports, Medical, and Well being Spa Industry.
Till this moment, ozone generator can application cleanse the body, treat pain relief, inflammation, sports injuries,Disinfection and sterilization and skincare is most important our technology and services


Commercial Ozone Generator Working Principle AOT-10G
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