How to do ozone blood therapy

Ozone blood therapy

To do ozone blood therapy, you should follow the below steps:

Ozone blood therapy

Ozone blood therapy

  1. Blood collection step:

connect the saline bottle and the blood bag to the corresponding tube of the blood transfusion device, and the blood channel of the blood transfusion device (hereinafter referred to as the blood channel) is closed. Open the saline channel of the blood transfusion device (hereinafter referred to as the saline channel), flush the blood transfusion device channel, confirm that there are no air bubbles in the channel, and close the saline channel. Close the blood transfusion switch.

Open the blood channel and put the blood bag to low position (for blood collection). Look for venous blood vessels, puncture the blood, open the main switch of the blood transfusion, start to collect blood. (When the blood is drawn out, the blood bag should be shaken evenly and clockwise, so that the blood and the anticoagulant in the blood bag are fully integrated .


  1. Collect blood up to 100-150ml for ozone blood treatment, close the blood channel tube card,

open the saline channel ,start instilling saline, and run the ozone generator device. Take a common disposable syringe to get ozone, connect the syringe to the needle, and slowly inject 100-150ml of ozone into the blood bag at a constant rate (the ratio of blood to ozone is about 1:1, after finish ozone injection, shake the blood bag evenly so that the blood is fully fused with ozone. The blood bag shaking time is about 3-4 minutes after the ozone is injected, and the step of mixing the ozone with the blood is finished to make. (At this time, the blood color changes from deep red or rich black to bright red)


  1. After the ozone and blood are mixed, now are you are ready to do ozone blood therapy. Open the blood channel on the blood transfusion device immediately, close the saline channel, and return the blood back to the human body. After the return is completed, close the blood channel on the blood transfusion device, open the saline channel, and return the remaining blood in the blood transfusion tube to the human body.


Selection of ozone blood therapy courses:

Large self-blood treatment: 5 times for small treatment;

10 times for medium treatment;

and 15 times for large treatment.

The treatment interval is 20-30 days. 2-3 times a week.

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