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Medical Ozone Generator

Medical ozone generator AOT-MD-500

1. The AQUAPURE ozone therapy healthy care machine is using accurate duran tube and Titanium electrode for the generator part, this is a small compact & economic design, easy operating and various concentration from 10-100 μg/ml which has 2 levels switch, user can choose what concentration they would need to have according to the machine’s capacity. Furthermore, this medical ozone generator machine is built-in ozone catalyst which can helps you remove unwanted ozone smell when you do treatment, you don’t need external catalyst anymore, it’s a very convenient and safe product.

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  • Small and compact design

  • Duran tube and titanium electrode

  • Adjustable from 1/32-1L/min oxygen flow

  • Built-in fan cooling system to make sure a long working life

  • Powder coated enclosure

  • This medical ozone generator is built-in ozone destructor

  • 100% check ozone concentration before ship

  • Low power consumption

  • 100% ozone compatible material

  • Applicable to various healthy care application

  • CE and ISO 13485 approval
  • Stable performance of this medical ozone generator


Ozone concentration 10-100μg/ml
Oxygen Flow 1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2,3/4,1L/min
Cooling system Air cooling, built-in strong fan
Ozone generating method German corona discharge
Input voltage 110-220 VAC
Power 12 W
Size (L x W x H) 206x180x105mm
Weight 2.5 kg /PCS, 20kg/outer carton
Inner box size 300x250x130mm
Outer box size 635x545x290mm
Package 8pcs/carton


  • Ozone Oil

  • Medical ozone water treatment

  • Blood purification

  • Dental Hygiene

  • Cancer

  • Ear insufflations

  • Others medical application


  • Ozone generator AOT-MD-500 x1

  • 3 ways stopcock x1

  • Silicone tube x1

  • European / North America type power adapter x1

  • PP material male luer lock x1

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