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Triple Oxygen Therapy for Hyperlipidemia

Medical Ozone therapy for tumor and cancer

A global cancer data report from May 2022 shows that nearly 5 people die of cancer every minute in the world. Cancer is the number one killer of human health. The reason why cancer is difficult to cure is that it is easy to recur and metastasize, and recurrence and Most of the metastases occurred within three years after treatment, and a small number occurred within five years after treatment. If there is no recurrence within five years after treatment, it means that it is close to cure! Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy have always been the main methods of tumor treatment, but their efficacy is limited and also affects the quality of life of patients. In the past ten years of tumor clinical research, it has been found that ozone combined therapy has brought new breakthroughs for cancer patients.

Ozone therapy for tumor and cancer​

Popular science of ozone

When you think of ozone, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

It is mainly distributed in the altitude of several kilometers, in the stratosphere and in the atmosphere. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays. Here, we mainly need to introduce the special function of ozone – anti-cancer effect:

Hydrogen peroxide is produced during ozone therapy, which can play a defense and kill bacteria. It can also stimulate the increase of white blood cells in the body, enhance the phagocytosis of viruses, and stimulate the immune function of other cells. Ozone can stimulate the production of endorphins and other substances in the body. It increases, decomposes and oxidizes the substances in the body that cause pain and transmits pain signals to the brain, so as to achieve analgesic effect and avoid the dependence and addiction caused by long-term dependence on analgesic drugs for cancer pain.


Ozone can increase oxygen supply. It is 13 times that of oxygen, which can improve the oxygen content of local tissues. It can eliminate plaques in the inner wall of blood vessels, prevent the formation of blood clots, reduce low-density lipoprotein, and has anti-inflammatory effects. Anti-virus and sterilization, regulate the body’s immunity, and enhance the blood circulation in the body.

Triple Oxygen Therapy for Hyperlipidemia

Mechanism of ozone therapy

First, ozone can induce the body to release tumor necrosis factor, but has no toxic effect on normal cells, so far is the most bioactive factor to kill and kill tumor cells.


Second, the hydrogen peroxide produced by ozone entering the human body can reduce the metabolic level of cancer cells, directly inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells, and also produce catalase to protect normal cells.


Third, ozone can activate antioxidant enzymes and remove free radicals. The effect of ozone and cells is equivalent to the effect of vaccines, which can remove free radicals by stimulating and activating the antioxidant capacity of the human body, thus inhibiting the carcinogenic effect of free radicals on the body.


Fourth, the occurrence of cancer is due to the cellular level, ozone into the human body, can produce oxygen and function and metabolism, increase tissue oxygen supply, destroy the living environment of tumor cells.


Fifth, ozone can inhibit or even eliminate the side effects and sequelae of surgery, can improve the condition of the patient’s body, so that the patient postoperative chemoradiotherapy smoothly.


Sixth, ozone can kill tumor cell proliferation virus, different doses of ozone concentration on different tumors have different degrees of inhibition, but no toxic side effects on normal cells.


Seventh, interferon can resist the virus to the human body and gene mutation, through ozone treatment, the effect of interferon increased to seven to eight times.


Eighth, ozone can reduce the adverse reactions caused by chemotherapy, reduce the adverse consequences of cancer treatment, such as pain, anorexia, low blood image anemia, liver and kidney function damage cachexia, etc.

The above literature comes from the Internet and is for reference only. For specific medical practices, consult doctors and medical professionals.

medical ozone therapy

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