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Ozone Air Pump Introduction:

The ozone air pump is an important to feed air to the ozone generator, we have 1-20L/min pumo for your options.

ozone air pump


Item No Recommend Item Air flow (L/min) Power (W) Voltage (V) Size (mm) Weight (KG)
AOT-AP-300 200-500mg ozone 2-2.5 1.8 12/110/220 72X37X32 0.2
AOT-AP-1400 1000-1500mg ozone 7-8 3.5 110/220 115X62X62 0.3
AOT-AP-1700 1500-2000mg ozone 10-12 3.5 110/220 115X62X62 0.3
AOT-AP-2500 3000-4000mg ozone 12-15 22 110/220 132.8X120X82 1.0

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