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Ozone Destructor

Ozone Destructor Production Introduction:

This ozone destructor catalyst is used to effectively destroy ozone emitted from various off-gas emissions , converting ozone to oxygen since it is a true catalyst it is not consumed during the destruction of the ozone, so its lifetime is extensive. Inlet ozone concentration has no bearing on the design of the destruct system with our catalyst.

Ozone Destructor
  • Efficiency: This ozone destructor can increase the efficiency of your ozone treatment
  • Safety: No need any power, keep ozone away from you

  • Reliable: It’s imported from professional catalyst company in North America


Connector material Weight (KG) Catalyst density Catalyst Size(mm) Size (LxWxH) (mm)
PVDF (Luer lock optional ) 0.2 850kg/m3   4.8×2.4 215x18x18
0.1 115x18x18

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