Ozone Function Deodorization application of ozone in chicken house breeding(2022)

Characteristics of ozone in aquaculture industry:

1. Since ozone acts in air or water and then reduces to oxygen, thereby increasing the oxygen content in air or water, so there is no harm to human and animal healthy cells;

2. Ozone generator has strong In addition to the disinfection function, there is also a very good dehydrogenation and deodorization effect. It can generate a large amount of ozone gas, decomposes the ammonia gas in the house, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases and odors, so that mosquitoes and flies can avoid it. This is an advantage that can not be compared with any other disinfection method;

3, the green breeding instrument can disinfect the air and drinking water at the same time, which can not be done by any other disinfection method;

4, salmon ozone is heavier than air, in the air The middle is diffusely sinking and is not easy to float everywhere, so the use of ozone equipment is not affected by the structural pattern of the livestock house, whether it is a closed or open-air livestock house (summer, with the increase of ventilation frequency, it is equally easy Bringing the bacterial virus into the livestock house and invading the livestock and poultry is equally effective;

5, strong bactericidal ability, the bactericidal ability is 1.5-5 times that of the ultraviolet lamp, 1 times higher than the high chlorine, and the bacteria speed in the water is 600 times faster than the chlorine. -3000 times;

6, anti-virus completely dead angle, no residue, environmental protection and high efficiency without secondary pollution;

7, reduce investment costs: the use of ozone technology can greatly reduce the use of human resources and chemical drugs, using a small amount of electricity and unpaid air as Raw materials, improve the degree of automated farming, reduce the disease production of animals;

8, after disinfection and sterilization, improve the survival rate of poultry, reduce the growth period, promote the healthy growth of livestock and poultry, mention Reproduction rate, decreased. Disease chicken farms increase the egg production of chickens: excessive use of chemical drugs can damage the calcium absorption capacity of chickens, easy to produce soft shell eggs, resulting in decreased yield;

9, improved product quality and sales: quality of food hygiene products It can be seen that poultry carrying too much chemicals and antibiotics is likely to cause potential harm to human health and affect market sales;

10, the use of ozone to disinfect air and water is an effective method to effectively prevent influenza virus.

Application method of ozone in aquaculture industry:

1. Ozone is filled into the poultry house, firstly decomposing with the odor emitted by the poultry excrement. When the odor is removed to smell the ozone, the space inside the house E. coli, staphylococcus and Newcastle disease, chicken cholera, avian flu and other viruses are basically killed. In addition, the poisoning caused by the ammonia gas emitted by the excrement of poultry can not be neglected. The toxic gas such as sulphur oxide generated by the rural farmers in the shed directly in the shed in winter can not be caused by chemical drugs. eliminate. However, after the application of ozone technology, the purification effect is effectively achieved, and it is intuitive to enter the cultivation shed where ozone technology is applied, and the air is obviously fresh.

2. Ozone water for the cleaning of poultry houses, breeding troughs and activity sites can effectively kill viruses and harmful bacteria on the surface.
The advantages of ozone in aquaculture industry: 1. Remove the smell of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide generated by feces and sewage; 2. Reduce respiratory diseases of livestock and poultry, increase the density of livestock and poultry;

3. Quickly remove mosquitoes Fly pests and other pests, reduce the use of chemical pesticides in the farm;

4, reduce the cost of feeding and shorten the fattening time (increasing the conversion rate of feed);

5, reduce the residual amount of harmful substances in livestock and poultry, improve meat, eggs 6, the quality of milk;

6, the sound field environmental load national environmental protection laws and regulations, the standard for the installation of ozone generators in the breeding shed: through the field test results specified for every 100-150 square meters of space (family chicken 1000-1500 Only) The standard amount of ozone generated is 5-8 g/h. This type of purifier is controlled by a circulation timer to the concentration of ozone emitted into the culture shed to adapt to the application from the newly hatched negative to the finished chicken full cycle. After adjusting the working time and downtime according to the actual situation, the user will work automatically all the time. Then according to what to judge the role of sterilization? It is required to know that it is enough to ask for ozone smell (general grassy smell) at a distance of four or five meters away from the ozone purifier, and it is not necessary to be too strong. Through a large number of on-site applications, ozone effectively curbs the occurrence of zoonotic diseases, ensures the survival rate of birds and promotes healthy growth. The farmers are very satisfied, and the economic and social benefits are remarkable. The broiler chickens generally have a cycle of 50 days. The application of ozone technology can be one week in advance, and there is almost no death due to illness. The chickens have a special spirit; the laying hens can maintain stability. The egg production rate is greatly improved from the comparison. If the farmers can master the specific application technology of ozone in the breeding process, it can reduce the input of antibiotics and drugs, reduce the production cost and improve the product quality.

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