The method basicly consists of the injection of an oxygen-ozone mixture in the area of the head corresponding to the location of the scalp. The needle must be introduced into a point immediately over the bony arch (preferably in a bald area), and the mixture must be injected between the scalp and the bone.

Given that the scalp often adheres to the cranial theca, if the mixture does not spread spontaneously around the area of the head corresponding to the location of the scalp, two or more injections are made in different points of the cranium (either in bald and non-bald areas), so that the gas detaches the scalp from the theca.

It is necessary, besides, to make a soft hand-massage on the interested areas, in order to ease the spread of the mixture around the area of the head corresponding to the location of the scalp.

The needles can have a length between 3 (three) millimeters and 50 (fifty) millimeters, and a diameter between 30 (thirty) G and 18 (eighteen) G.

As for the oxygen-ozone mixture, the concentration can vary from 1 (one) microgram.

O3/ml.O to 40 (forty) micrograms O3/ml.O2, while the quantity can vary from 5 (five) to 60 (sixty) cubic centimeters. Said values vary depending on the extensions of baldness and the reactivity of the person treated: the intrinsic nature of the treatment makes impossible to define an “ideal” mode for carrying out the method, having to pay due attention to the circumstances of the single case.

The same is true for the quantity and frequency of the injections. It is obvious that, in order to obtain satisfactory and lasting effects, a sequence of injections is necessary: a reasonable way to proceed consists of injections repeated twice a week for about five weeks and then once a week for following two months. Afterwards, maintenance injections are usually necessary, monthly or bimonthly.


On a male subject, 48-aged, with a baldness developed since twenty years and interesting 80% of the scalp, the treatment started with the injection – by means of a needle 2 cm long, with a 27 G diameter – of a quantity of 20 cc. of mixture O2-O3)with a concentration of 2 micrograms O3/ml.O2.


Given that the gas did not spontaneously spread (owing to the adhesion of the scalp to the cranial theca), two additional injections (with the same parameters) were made in different sites of the cranium.


After the injection, a soft hand-massage was made, in order to ease the spread of the gas on the whole area of the head corresponding to the location of the scalp. Afterwards, other sessions were made, with the following frequency: for the first five weeks, twice a week; for the following two months, once a week. On the eight session, the concentration was increased to 6 micrograms O3/ml.O2 and the quantity to 40 cc.

The described method is industrially applicable, given that it can be fulfilled, in the field of Aesthetical Treatments, to an indefinite number of persons affected by baldness or hair loss. It is easy to reproduce, needing only a person skilled in injections (better if a physician) and the availability of a modern ozone generators, capable to deliver oxygen- ozone mixtures in needed amounts.


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