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Autohaemotherapy /Self-blood Therapy Operation With Ozone

  • Extract 50-100 ml blood from veins in a disposable vacuum sterile bottle or blood bag.
  • Get pure ozone via syringe and mix with the blood by 1:1
  • Take a slow circular motion to shake the blood – ozone mixture for about half a minute: blood becomes a bright red oxygen-containing blood.
  • Get the fresh blood back to vein (40-70 drops / min) by intravenous injection.

We suggest use physiological saline during intravenous injection.

Arthritis 6.6 mg
Arteriosclerosis 0.9 mg
Parkinsonism 1.8 mg
Therapy adjustment 1.0 mg
Hyperlipidemia 1.9 mg
Acute hepatitis 9.8 mg
Chronic hepatitis 1.9 mg
General infectious disease  2.0 mg

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