Ozone Rectal Insufflations​

Ozone Rectal Insufflations​
Ozone Rectal Insufflations​

Ozone Rectal Insufflations

For people with ailments or disorders that start in the stomach, liver, or colon, ozone rectal insufflation is a very beneficial method of ozone therapy. Rectal insufflation can be used as a single therapy or in conjunction with other Ozone therapies as part of a personalized treatment regimen designed just for you.

Rectal Insufflation has been demonstrated to be a beneficial addition to our treatment, similar to other ozone therapy modalities. With the use of this solution, we can address the underlying cause of the problem and offer long-lasting treatment as opposed to just masking the symptoms.


Rectal insufflation is a secure and beneficial procedure that provides several advantages, such as the following:


Ozone Rectal Insufflations​
  1. Reduces the amount of toxins in the body and gut
  2. Enhances immunological function and responsiveness
  3. Reinstates optimal gut health and functioning
  4. Lowers persistent inflammation all over the body
  5. Eliminates yeast, viruses, parasites, and bacteria

Many people, especially those with illnesses or autoimmune conditions that damage the colon or gut, benefit greatly from rectal insufflation as a remedy and source of relief. Along with the numerous advantages it offers, this type of ozone therapy is also one of the simplest and least expensive methods for benefiting from ozone.

Ozone Rectal Insufflation Recommended Dosage

For rectal insufflation, the recommended medical ozone dosage range is 10 to 35 mcg/mL. The enterocytes are vulnerable to injury at concentrations greater than 40 mcg/mL. However, it is advised to increase the dose for people with ulcerous colitis to 60 to 70 mcg/mL till the bleeding stops.



  • Lubricant (oil can be used)
  • Ozone insufflations bag
  • Fr Luer Catheter

*Don’t leave the bag sitting around for more than 30 minutes; the ozone will start to disperse.


  1. It is preferable, though not strictly necessary, to continue after an enema or bowel movement
  2. Connect a catheter to an ozone bag.
  3. Lubricate the catheter’s tip and the anal region

4.Lie on your side or back with your knees raised to about 90 degrees.

  1. Place a catheter about 4 inches into the rectum.
  2. Unclamp the white clamp to let the gas from the bag flow into your rectum.
  3. Gently roll the bag’s end and squeeze air into it for a few seconds.

Remarks: In the event of any stomach discomfort or rectal irritation, stop squeezing the bag and wait for it to pass. Then, squeeze the bag more gently and progress to your comfort level.

  1. When finished, remove the catheter
  2. For at least 30 minutes following administration, try to avoid passing gas or having a bowel movement.

Treatments Frequency:

The recommendation is to take it once every day (Monday–Friday) for three weeks, followed by one week off, and then 1-3 times per week as maintenance.

Please speak with our sales about pricing if you need a rectal insufflation bag and a luer catheter.

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