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Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy

Disease         Treatment type            Ozone conc.        Ozone/blood volume

Common acne    microautotherapy          5-25µg/ml               10/10 ml

Remark: Increase ozone conc. slowly with deeper treatment, do injection everyday and 5 times/day.

Allergies        microautotherapy           5-40µg/ml                10/5ml

Remark: Increase ozone conc. Slowly with deeper treatment, do injection one time in each 2 days, total 20 times

Mycosis      inflate ozone bag external       35-60µg/ml             N/A

Remark: Exposure in the gas for 6-20 minutes, 3 times each week

Furunculosis    microautotherapy             30µg/ml              20/10ml

Remark: 5 times everyday

Anal fissure    inject ozone in the wound        2µg/ml              5-10ml

Remark: 3-5 times totally

Anal fistula  long needle puncture anal fistula wall     30µg/ml         5-10ml

Remark:  Pre-injection of procaine, keep bubbles in anal fistula 3-5 times

Mucous colitis  Inflate intestines              10-25µg/ml           200-500ml

Remark: 14 times average

Ulcerative colitis    Inflate intestines           45-60µg/ml           50-200ml

Remark: use 50ml ozone at the beginning, then increase to 200ml slowly, inflation every day.

Further treatment                           15-35µg/ml           200-600ml

Remark: decrease ozone concentration and increase ozone volume at the same time

High ozone concentration is a hemostatic and low ozone concentrations is Spilled blood.

Escherichia coli disease   Inflate intestines        10-25µg/ml          200-400ml

Remark: According to the tension of your hypogastrium to select the total amount of gas to keep the mixed gas for about 10 minutes

– Intestinal weakness                          10-20µg/ml         200-400ml

Remark: low concentration

– Intestinal spasm                             30-40µg/ml        200-400ml

Remark: high concentration

Hemorrhoids     Inflate intestines             60µg/ml            200-600ml

Remark:  Twice a week and increase volume gradually

Cardiovascular diseases

Arteriosclerosis  blood therapy              15-20µg/ml            200ml

Remark: Twice a week (blood: ozone=1:1 )

Intramuscular injection        10-40µg/ml           20ml

Remark: inject 10ml ozone at both side of buttocks and increase the concentration slowly

Arterial – circulatory disorders  blood therapy    15-25µg/ml          200ml

Remark: Increase concentration with deeper therapy

Nerve endings disorder       Joint injection    10-35µg/ml           10ml

Remark: Inject 10ml to the thigh, 1-2 times a week, then 3 times a week with higher concentration

Subcutaneous injection    5-20µg/ml          20-40ml

Remark: Inject both legs , twice a week

Intramuscular injection    10-35µg/ml          20 ml

Remark: Both side of buttock inject 10ml, and increase concentration gradually

Inflate ozone bag from external      5-70µg/ml            N/A

Remark: Inflate the ozone bag based on the bag size, keep your body exposure for 20 minutes, 2-3 times a week

Parkinson’s Disease   Blood therapy          20-25µg/ml          200ml

Remark:  twice a week

Coronary circulation disorders  blood therapy     10-25µg/ml        200ml

Remark: increase concentration with deeper treatment, twice 2 week

Subcutaneous injection         5-15µg/ml        40-120ml

Remark: inject both legs, twice a week

Coronary artery infarction Intramuscular injection   10-35µg/ml        20ml

Remark: Both side of buttock inject 10ml, and increase concentration gradually

Further treatment       Small blood treatment    25-35µg/ml       10ml

Remark: Twice a week, total 20 times,Inject gluteus muscle from left to right

Brain circulation disorders   Big blood therapy      15µg/ml         200ml

Remark:1-2 times a week

                        Small blood therapy     25-30µg/ml      10ml

Remark: Twice a week, inject 10 times

Remark: Inject gluteus muscle from left to right

Hyperlipidemia           Big blood therapy      20-35µg/ml       200 ml

Remark: 2-3 times a week and increase concentration gradually

liver cirrhosis        Big blood therapy           40-50µg/ml       200ml

Remark:  Increase dose slowly until the therapy need to reach, twice a week , 20 times

Infectious disease   Big blood therapy           15-40µg/ml        200ml

Remark: 2 times a week and increase concentration gradually or one time with 400ml blood

5ml Small blood therapy       20µg/ml          10ml

Remark:  one time for each 2 days, 10 times total

Chronic hepatitis    Big blood therapy            35-40µg/ml        200ml

Remark: Twice a week, stop 4 weeks for every 8 times

Rheumatic diseases  Big blood therapy            40-50µg/ml        200ml

Remark: Twice a week, 10 times total and stop for 5 weeks

Chronic primary polyarthritis Big blood therapy      40-60µg/ml        200ml

Remark: Twice a week or once a week with 400ml blood, 10 times total and stop 4 weeks

Zudek disease     Around the damaged joints     20-25µg/ml         20ml

Remark: Twice a week until cure

Subcutaneous injection         50µg/ml

Remark: 3 times a week until cure

Subcutaneous inject+ inflate ozone bag    20-25µg/ml   10ml

 Remark: Twice a week until cure

Varicose ulcer     Big blood therapy              20-25µg/ml       200ml

Remark: Twice a week and increase concentration slowly

Inflate ozone bag from external    5-70µg/ml

Remark:  Fully wet the affected area before inflate, keep your body in ozone bag for 20mins, 2-3 times a week.

Radiation Malignant disease   Intramuscular injection    25µg/ml        20ml

Remark: Both side of buttock inject 10ml everyday for cancer patient

Radiological sequelae   Using negative pressure and exposure to gas  40-50µg/ml

Remark: Twice a week , 3-5mins

Intervertebral disc herniation  Interventional therapy /direct injection   40-50µg/ml  5-20ml

and joint injection

Remark: Intervertebral disc intervention can be repeated, the interval of two weeks can be treated up to three times, joint injection once a day, 10-15 times as a treatment course

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