Medical O3 Ozone Therapy for Foot Diabetes Treatment have good effect

Ozone Therapy for Foot Diabetes Treatment​

Ozone Therapy for Foot Diabetes Treatment

Diabetic foot is one of the serious complications in patients with diabetes. It is caused by diabetes combined with different degrees of lower extremity vascular and neuropathy, which causes foot changes. The wound formed can not heal for a long time, and in severe cases, it can lead to bone marrow infection and bone destruction, with high disability and mortality.

     Foot ulcers are very common in patients with diabetes, with 15% of diabetic patients suffering from foot ulcers and leading to 84% of diabetes-related lower limb amputations . The rate of lower limb amputation is 40 times higher in diabetics. Ulcer, amputation, and death were the three major outcomes of diabetic foot.

Ozone Therapy for Foot Diabetes Treatment​

Ozone is a gas with strong oxidation performance, with a half-life of about 30 min at room temperature. Because it can quickly kill a variety of microorganisms in vitro and in water, it has been applied in the treatment of clinical infectious wounds such as chronic diabetic foot ulcers.  

     In the treatment of diabetic foot, mainly from the control of metabolism, dilatation of blood vessels, rational use of antibiotics and improvement of nerve and other aspects of intervention in recent years, with the development of medicine, it has been found that ozone therapy has a good role in promoting the healing of diabetic foot ulcer surface. Ozone has a strong bactericidal effect, in addition, ozone can reduce the permeability of capillaries, thereby accelerating blood flow rate to improve the function of capillaries. Studies have found that ozone can effectively increase vascular endothelial growth factor and platelet-derived growth factor, which are closely related to wound healing.

ozone therapy

First, local application of ozone has strong bactericidal effect, which can improve the immunity and anti-infection ability of wounds, and reduce the probability of local infection.

Second, it has been proved that ozone has the same effect as insulin, which can accelerate the metabolism of sugar in the body, promote the transformation of sugar, reduce the blood sugar concentration of patients, and greatly help the regulation of the internal environment of the body.

The most important reason for the formation of foot ulcer in diabetic patients is the reduction of body resistance and local wound infection. Local application of medical ozone has strong bactericidal ability, can clean wounds, promote the growth of granulation tissue in wounds, and prepare for later skin grafting and flap transplantation to repair wounds.

In the application of ozone therapy, the conventional method is mainly ozone bagging care.

Guide the patient to stay in supine position. After removing the dressing on the ulcer surface of the patient’s foot, give ozone bagging care. Use the ozone foot bag to wrap the patient’s foot, turn on the ozone therapeutic instrument, adjust the ozone concentration, and fill ozone for ozone care. After 30 min of ozone bagging care, the ozone in the bagging was extracted again through the negative pressure hole.

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