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Ozone Venturi Production Introduction:

The AQUAPURE ozone venturi is made of ozone resistant PVDF material, using venturi can increase the % of dissolve ozone into water which is 50% more than diffuser stone, if you want stronger capacity venturi, please contact our sales.

Ozone Injection
ozone venturi


Item No Water flow (m3/h) Length (mm) Material Water pipe size Gas pipe size
AOT-V-1/4 0.05-0.25 60 PVDF 1/4’’ dia 1/8’’ dia
AOT-V-1/2 0.2-1.0 100 1/2’’ dia 1/4’’ dia
AOT-V-3/4 1.0-3.0 152 3/4’’ dia 1/4’’ dia
AOT-V-1 3.0-10 230 1’’ dia 3/8’’ dia

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