Aquapure’s corona discharge ozone module is made of stainless steel electorde with Duran/Pyrex tubes. The ozone module made of duran tube is much durable and longer lifespan than quartz tube

Corona discharge ozone module with Duran tube has below advantages :

1.) Duran Tube doesn’t absorb water like Quartz tubes. Quartz manufactured from Silica  which is commonalty called Silica Gel which is used to absorb water.

2.) Duran Tube is chemically clean. Always used for storage of chemicals.

3.) Less brittle

4.) Used for oven hot plates under trade name Pyrex

5.) Less expensive as they only need to have heating of 1400 ℃ not 2200 ℃ as with Quartz tubes

6.) Wall thickness constant. So can measure outside Diameter to determine inner diameter.

7.) Duran tube is more resistant to shock, not easy to break during transportation

8.) When we switch on the ozone Generator the quartz tube has to dry out before the ozone output reaches maximum level.

Duran tube meets maximum level straight away, It has better efficiency than quartz tube.

That is why we import duran tube from italy to assembly with our ozone module.

We have 200mg/h, 500mg/h, 700mg/h, 1500mg/h, 2000mg/h corona discharge ozone modules are made of duran tube, welcome to contact us for more information.