Month: September 2018

Application of ozone in agricultural vegetable greenhouse —— Ozone disinfection of vegetables

Add Your Heading Text HereOzone disinfection of vegetables Ozone disinfection of vegetables is different from general fungicides for vegetables. The general fungicide is a progressive and cumulative bactericidal effect, and the bactericidal effect of ozone is rapid. When the concentration exceeds a certain threshold, the disinfection and sterilization can be completed in an instant.  It…

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Ozone blood therapy

How to do ozone blood therapy

To do ozone blood therapy, you should follow the below steps: Blood collection step: connect the saline bottle and the blood bag to the corresponding tube of the blood transfusion device, and the blood channel of the blood transfusion device (hereinafter referred to as the blood channel) is closed. Open the saline channel of the…

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