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New design competitive ozone water purifier AOT-CD-01 commercial water purifier

New design competitive ozone water purifier AOT-CD-01 commercial water purifier machine

New design competitive ozone water purifier AOT-CD-01 commercial water purifier

New design portable Kitchen ozone water filter water purifier water purifier machine
The AQUAPURE household ozone water purifier is an ecofriendly system for luandry pure wash to get rid of detergent and warm water.
It has been proven that the disinfecting power of ozone is 3000 times higher than chlorine and 30 times than cresol, which can kill 99.9% virus and bacteria. Amazingly, the ozone smell will completely evaporate in the air after 20 minutes
New design competitive ozone water purifier  AOT-CD-01 commercial water purifier machineNew design competitive ozone water purifier water purifier machine AOT-CD-01 ozone water filter
How It Works
The ozone water purifier can be installed in about 10 minutes by the homeowner. No specials tool are required. A quick mountingtemplate, handy screwdriver and an extra laundry hose are included. The cold water hose is attached to the unit and the includedextra hose is attached to the washer. Our ozone water purifier Laundry System automatically senses when your washer calls forwater and the unit is only on when water is being ran thru the system. Our units are equipped with a German Engineered Oxidizing
Unit to create ozone as well as a UV Photo Catalytic Oxidizer. As water is passed thru the venturi injector, it draws that ozoneinto the water. Our newest units also come with a quad check valve system to prevent leaking. The ozonated water then flows thru a diffusion mixer and highly ozonated water is delivered to your washer. No maintenance, cleaning, cartridges or additives are required.The ozone water purifier System is as simple and eloquent in function as it is in design. Once installed, the unit requires no further fuss. After each wash cycle, the ozone produced will naturally convert back into O2 or regular oxygen in a short amount of time. This leaves no odors or byproducts and requires no regular maintenance. If service is ever needed, all components are replaceable, are designed with plug in connections, stainless steel screws and nothing more than a screwdriver is required in replacing them. This provides you with a system that can be used for many years to come..
ozone water filter AOT-CD-01 Specification
100-240V AC
Water Pressure
20~100 psi
Operating Temperature
Ozone Output
300mg/h ~ 400 mg/ h ( 800 ppm ~ 1000 ppm )
Ozone Concentration
Pure Water Capacity
3-7 L / min
Product dimension
367 * 277 * 89 mm
Wall Mounted
1 year Warranty


The latest generation in Ozone Washing
Ozone laundry units have been around for decades, Cold water is directed through the ozone water purifier System. An ozone generator converts O2 (regular oxygen) into O3 (ozone) which is mixed and diffused into the water for your washer. The colder the water, the more effective it cleans. The ozone works by breaking the molecular bonds that hold dirt and grime to your clothes while oxidizing most of this material into carbon dioxide and water. Afterward any remaining ozone converts back into regular oxygen. What you are left with are clean clothes and linens free of any smells, dirt and grime or chemicals. Simple to use and extremely effective. The ozone water purifier Eco Wash doesn’t require any maintenance, cleaning or additives. These next generation ozone water purifier Wash Eco Laundry Systems will work with all washers including High Efficiency Front and Top Loaders and all Standard washers. Units work with both hard and soft water.
Advantages : Better for You and Your Family
* No chemical exposure to your family and pets
* Simple use lets anyone use the washer
* Works great with sensitive skin allergies
* Removes residual chemical and cleaning agents in clothes


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