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Corona discharge 500mg/h with dry air ozone o3 gas module ozone module quartz

Aquapure ozone module was developed from German office which use the latest corona discharge technology. With a high performance, we use accurate quartz tube and 316SS/Titanium electrode for the generator part, we sure a stable unit will help you win more business.


1. High performance and compact size
2. Very stable performance
3. Very easy installation with very reasonable design
4. Fan cooIing mode with a big cooling fins area
5. Quartz tube can be easily cleaned, should it become contaminated.
6. High ozone concentration with dry air source
7.100% check ozone concentration
8.100% burn-in test
9.100% 316 S.S and ozone compatible material
10.Suitable for water/air/medical treatment
11.500mg/h ozone output available


1. Ozone output: 500mg/h with dry air, 400mg/h with normal air
2. Ozone generator: Quartz Tube and 316 SS electrode (Titanium electrode optional)
3. High ozone concentration: > 5.0 mg/L at 2.5 L/min gas flow
4. Weight: only 0.3 Kg
5. Technology: German corona discharge
6. Low power consumption: 10W
7.Voltage: 12V DC
8.High voltage: 4.12Kv
9.High frequency: 24KHz

10. Life span: >10,000 hours non stop working

AOT D 500 4

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