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ozone generator modules Stable Corona Discharge Water Purification

Aquapure ozone module is a cutting-edge technology developed in Germany that utilizes corona discharge technology. The generator part of the module comprises an accurate quartz tube and 304 stainless steel electrode, which ensures optimal performance. The module is housed in an attractive casing that includes a fan cooling system, which results in a stable unit that delivers excellent results. Using the Aquapure ozone module will help you gain a competitive edge in the market, thanks to its exceptional performance and reliability.

ozone generator modules Stable Corona Discharge Water Purification

ozone generator modules

Introducing the Aquapure ozone generator modules – a high-performance and compact ozone generator developed in Germany using the latest corona discharge technology. With its accurate quartz tube and 304 stainless steel electrode, this unit delivers a stable and reliable ozone output. The fan cooling system and big cooling fins area ensure excellent cooling performance while the quartz tube can be easily cleaned if contaminated. This unit is suitable for water treatment, air treatment, and medical treatment with 300mg/h-500mg/h ozone output available. Plus, it comes with a 100% check ozone concentration, 100% burn-in test, and 100% 304 stainless steel and ozone compatible materials.

ozone module
medical treatment

Medical treatment:Dental Blood Surgical

Air treatment

Air treatment: Odor control  Food  preservatio


water treatment

Water treatment : Food cleaning Drinking water


ozone module detailed
ozone module

Ozone bas several significant advantages over its chemical alternatives:

  • Ozone can be generated on-site.
  • Ozone is one of the most active, readily available oxidizing agents.
  • Ozone rapidly decomposes to oxygen leaving no traces.
  • Reactions do not produce toxic halogenated compounds.
  • Ozone acts more rapidly, and more completely than other common disinfecting agents do.
  • Ozone reacts swiftly and effectively on all strains of viruses.


AOT-FD-500 Ozone generator modules Specification
Ozone Output

500mg/h at 2.5 L/min dry air;

300mg/h at 2.5L/min normal air

Ozone Concentration> 5.0 mg/L  at 0.5-1.0  L/min gas flow
Gas Flow2.5 L/min  recommended
Generating methodGerman corona discharge
Continuous operation24 h/day with cooling system
Cooling systemAir cooling and with big cooling fins areas
Gas sourceAmbient air, dry air and oxygen
Input voltage 12 VDC
Power input< 12 W
Operating temperature-10 °C~ +60 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C~ +70 °C
Size L x  W x H  (mm)139 x 78.4 x 57.5
Weight0.55 kgs
Able to be used water /air treatment/medical


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