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best sell ozone vaginal ozone insufflation kit Gynecology therapy kit

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Gynecology therapy kit

best sell Ozone Therapy Vaginal insufflation kit O3 Gynecology and Andrology

The vaginal insufflation tube is used for vaginal ozone insufflations. This is the preferred method over vaginal catheter insufflations.  It is easy to use, easy to insert and the ozone is evenly distributed inside the vagina. Furthermore, there is 1 inlet for the ozone and one outlet for waste gas and liquid, to prevent a pressure build up inside the vagina. The outlet port is connected to a water trap which is then connected to an ozone destructor.

This is the safest way to do vaginal insufflations as there is no risk of inhaling ozone and no need to wear a mask or blowing a fan across the pelvis to dissipate ozone gas leaving the vagina.

best sell ozone vaginal ozone insufflation kit Gynecology therapy kit

Kit includes:Transducer,2 pieces silicone tube ,1 pc luer lock,1 pc adaptor
Transducer 24V DC,1.7MHZ
Atomuzing pole PE materials,7 hole
Silicon tube 2 pieces 0.5meter silicon tube
PC luer lock OD 4.0MM
PC adaptor 24V1A

Ozone Vaginal insufflation Atomization kit for gynecology and Andrology Therapy
Atomization converter bottle

[Precautions for use]

1. Please add pure water to the 2/3 position of the water leavel display window before use. When the water level in the atomization converter is lower than the minimum water level mark of the water level display window, please add water in time to avoid damage to the converter

2.When the atomization converter is working normally, the indicator light is yellow, and there is fog-like gas coming out of the treatment head hole. If the indicator light is red. it means that the converter is short of water , or the water temperature is over heated. And the converter should be disconnected immediately at this time. The power supply of the appliance can only be powered on when enough water Is added

3. The atomization converter has an overheat protection function. When the water temperature is overheated and the converter stops working. If the converter works continuously for >1 hour, please replace it with new pure water. It’s best to use two converters alternately. The atomizer is aged and damaged doe to the high water proof temperature

4. Please replace with new pure water before each treatment. When not in use, the water in the converter should be poured out and placed upside down to keep the atomization converter transmitter dry





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