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Ozone air machine valuable fruit and vegetables washing equipment ozone food sterilizer (2022)

Ozone air machine Gaseous ozone has been shown to effectively combat mold and bacteria in a cold storage environment and directly on produce in cold storage.

Ozone air machine valuable fruit and vegetables washing equipment ozone food sterilizer (2022)

Ozone air machine valuable fruit and vegetables washing equipment ozone food sterilizer (2022)


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Ozone air machine brief introduction:

This ozone generator is made of ozone generator and oxygen generator :


 1. most compact in size (L x W x H): 410 x 290 x 580 mm

 2. Weight: 30kg with package

 3. ozone generator built-in oxygen concentrator, oxygen purity:  90%  +/-3%

 4. very good performance with high ozone concentration: over 55 mg/L

 5. 304 stainless steel housing: the best packaging of ozone

 6. wall-mounted design, can stay it on flat floor as well

7. With wheel , easy to move

8. Quartz tube and 316 SS electrode


Oxygen part:

We adopt  molecular sieve technology, use ambient air as material, generate high concentration oxygen by molecule tower, its concentration can reach >90%. Why choose oxygen source?


Oxygen–increase the ozone concentration up to 8-10times compare with normal air.

Oxygen–improve the disinfection ability and oxidizability, high concentration oxygen produce high concentration ozone, some bacteria are hard to kill by normal air, even some chemical compound only can be oxidized by oxygen source.

Oxygen–the ozone output is increased 3-5 times compare with normal air.

Oxygen—No nitride pollution, but 78% nitrogen in the air will be induced nitride if you take normal air source to feed ozone generator.

Oxygen–small system, It is complex to manage normal air before feed ozone generator, and its size is more than 3 times bigger than oxygen source ozone generator, waste power, increase cost, higher maintenance fee. Use ozone generator built-in oxygen concentrator, you can save a lot!


 Functions and Features:

1. High performance and compact design

2. Very stable performance
3. Very easy installation with very reasonable design

4. Built-in fan cooling system to make sure a long working life

5. Two optional installation modes: stand with wheel and wall-mounted

6. Stable ozone output 

l   100% check ozone concentration

l   100% burn-in test before ship

l   100% 304 stainless steel housing and ozone compatible material

l   Suitable for water treatment/air treatment/medical treatment

l   Available for various applications

l   Concentration and output in high consistency


1. Ozone output: 5-10g/h adjustable

2. Built-in oxygen concentrator

3. High ozone concentration: > 55 mg/L at 3 L/min

4. Built in air compressor

5. Small size: 410 x 290 x 580 mm

5. Weight: 30Kg with package

7. Generating method: German corona discharge

8. Wall-mounted or stand with wheel


AOT-10G Specification

Ozone Output

Adjustable 5.0~10.0 g/h

Ozone concentration

>55 mg/L  at 3.0 L/min gas flow

Gas Flow

Adjustable 0.5 ~3.0L/min

Oxygen Purity

> 90 % +/-3%

Cooling system

2x190CFM cooling fan

Ozone generating method

German corona discharge

Input voltage

220 V AC  50 Hz

Power input

370 W

Operating temperature

-10 deg C ~ +60 deg C

Storage temperature

-20 deg C ~ +70 deg C

Size  L x W x H

410 x 290 x 580 mm


30 with package


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Ozone generators application:

1- Ozone Food processing safety: During the processing ,Ozone can be used as a antimicrobial gaseous to sterilize the bacteria ,virus in the air and on the food surface.
2- Ozone Laundry: Combining the ozone with laundry, reducing or eliminate the hot water ,detergent use , prolong the linen lifetime and save a lots energy.
Ozone Aquariums and pool sanitation: The Ozone makes the water clear with less or no chlorine and won’t produce any by-products. 
Ozone Spa sanitization: Ozone Kills 99.99% of dangerous bacteria on contact, provide you with the pure spa water.

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