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500ml/ 1000ml Ozone Glass Bottle For Ozone Water And Ozone Oil

An ozone glass bottle is a container made of high-quality glass that is specifically designed to hold ozone water, ozone oil, ozone moisture, and other ozone-based substances. This type of bottle is popular in the ozone therapy community due to its ability to prevent oxidation and maintain the purity of the ozone substance.

The bottle is typically made from clear or amber glass that is resistant to breakage and chemical reactions. The clear glass bottles allow you to easily monitor the contents of the bottle, while the amber glass bottles are ideal for storing ozone oil and other light-sensitive substances.

500ml/ 1000ml Ozone Glass Bottle For Ozone Water And Ozone Oil

ozone glass bottle


1 pc diffuser stone

2 metere medical grade silicone tube

1 pc 1000ml /500ml bottle 

ozone glass bottle

Our ozone bottle is specially designed for storing and using ozonated water and oil. It is made of high-quality, durable
materials that ensure safe and efficient use of ozone. The bottle is made of food-grade glass that is resistant to high
temperatures and pressure.

The ozone bottle is perfect for applications such as ozone water, ozone oil, ozone moisture ear insufflation, and ozone
olive oil breathing. It comes with a silicone cap that ensures an airtight seal and prevents any leakage of ozone.

The bottle has a capacity of 500 ml, which is perfect for storing the required amount of ozonated water or oil. It is
easy to use and clean, and the glass material ensures that there is no contamination or reaction with the stored

 ozone bottle is designed to comply with industry standards and is suitable for use in both personal and
professional settings. Whether you need to use ozone for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes, our ozone bottle is the
perfect solution for your needs.

ozone glass bottle

1000ml ozone glass bottle

ozone glass bottle

500ml ozone glass bottle

ozone oil

Ozone oil /

ozone water

Ozone water 

500ml ozone bottle

Ozone moisture ear insufflation

500ml ozone bottle

Nasal breathing

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