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High quality Ozone resistance Silicon 4*7mm Diameter rubber tube

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ozone resistance silicon

rubber tube


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High quality Ozone resistance Silicon 4*7mm Diameter rubber tube

1. Ozone-resistance material, best for ozone treatment system
2. Food Grade High Quality
3. Best match with YOUMO AQUAPURE ozone products
4. Light and compact
5. Long life
6. Reasonable price
rubber tube

Ozone-resistance silicon hose with 1.5mm wall thickness 

Silicon tubes for ozone
4*7mm (ID: 4mm; OD:8mm) 4*8/5*9
1.5Wall thickness
Natural silicon transparent

High Repurchase Rate Ozone resistance Silicon 4*7mm Diameter rubber tube

How to choose the right silicon tubing for ozone products?

First of all, choose natural transparent custom is a must. According to our test,
a black color silicon tubing will be turned to transparent after certain time of use
Secondly, 1.5mm thickness silicon tubing can NOT bear gas pressure >120KPa !
So choose thicker wall if you have gas pressure problem.

AQUAPURE’s core technology is from Germany and was invested by German since 2002.

The AQUAPUREOZONE portable ozone therapy machine was using German latest  coronadischarge technology. To ensure the machine with a high performance, we use accurate quartz tube and Titanium electrode for the generator part, this is a small compact & economic design, easy operating and various concentration from 125.-92.6 μg/ml, user can choose what concentration they would need to have according to our machine’s capacity.



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