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Medical Disposable Plastic 30ml Ozone Syringe

ozone syringes can be used in medical ozone therapy machines for delivering ozone gas or ozonated fluids to the patient's body. The ozone syringe is used to measure and transfer a precise amount of ozone gas or ozonated fluid into the patient's bloodstream or other target area.

Medical Disposable Plastic 30ml Ozone Syringe

The ozone syringe is a medical device that consists of a barrel, plunger, and a standardized Luer hub for attaching needles or catheters. It is designed to accurately measure and deliver medication or fluids directly into the patient’s body.

The ozone syringe is available in a variety of sizes and volumes to suit different medical applications. It is commonly used for intravenous injections, blood sampling, wound irrigation, or aspiration.

One of the key advantages of the Luer connector syringe is its versatility and ease of use. The standardized Luer hub allows for easy attachment of different types of needles or catheters, which makes the syringe a useful tool in a wide range of medical procedures.

In addition, the Luer connector syringe is designed to minimize the risk of infection and contamination. The syringe is produced in a clean and controlled environment, and each unit is individually sealed until ready for use.

Overall, the Luer connector syringe is an essential tool in modern medicine, providing accurate and safe delivery of medications and fluids in a variety of medical settings.

30ml syringe
30 ml syringe

A ozone syringe is a type of medical syringe that features a standardized tip and hub. The Luer connector consists of a male fitting on the syringe and a female fitting on the needle or catheter hub. The ozone connector syringes are widely used in healthcare settings to deliver medication and other fluids, such as blood or saline solution, directly into the body. They are commonly used for intravenous injections or infusion, wound irrigation, aspiration, and other medical procedures.

One of the key advantages of the Luer connector system is its versatility and compatibility with a wide range of needles and catheters. This feature allows healthcare providers to select and attach different types of needles, depending on the specific procedure and patient needs. Additionally, the Luer connector syringes are available in different sizes and volumes to suit various applications.


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