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Medical ozone generator

Ozone water purifier and Accessories

30ml syringe30 ml syringe

Medical Disposable Plastic 30ml Ozone Syringe

ozone syringes can be used in medical ozone therapy machines for delivering ozone gas or ozonated fluids to the patient’s body. The ozone syringe is used to measure and transfer a precise amount of ozone gas or ozonated fluid into the patient’s bloodstream or other target area.

ozone glass bottleozone glass bottle

500ml/ 1000ml Ozone Glass Bottle For Ozone Water And Ozone Oil

An ozone glass bottle is a container made of high-quality glass that is specifically designed to hold ozone water, ozone oil, ozone moisture, and other ozone-based substances. This type of bottle is popular in the ozone therapy community due to its ability to prevent oxidation and maintain the purity of the ozone substance.

The bottle is typically made from clear or amber glass that is resistant to breakage and chemical reactions. The clear glass bottles allow you to easily monitor the contents of the bottle, while the amber glass bottles are ideal for storing ozone oil and other light-sensitive substances.
oxygen regulatorsoxygen regulators Brazil

Oxygen Regulators CGA540 Brazil Oxygen Tank Regulator with Flow Range 0-4LPM

Introducing our Oxygen Regulators, the perfect device for controlling the flow of oxygen from a cylinder or tank. With a durable aluminum body and brass high-pressure chamber, this regulator is designed for medical use and is built to last. It has a maximum inlet pressure of 3000 psi and an outlet pressure of 50 psi, making it a safe and reliable option for patients who require increased oxygen levels to improve their breathing conditions.
Air Purifier Ozone GeneratorAir Purifier Ozone Generator

High Purchasing Rate Air Purifier Ozone Generator for Improved Indoor Air Quality

The AOT-PA-4000 German Corona Discharge  Air Purifier Ozone Generator is a high-quality ozone generating unit designed to effectively purify air in various settings. This ozone generator uses advanced German Corona Discharge technology to produce 4000mg/h of ozone with dry air, making it an ideal solution for air purification in homes, offices, and other indoor environments.

With a voltage of 110/220 VAC and 50/60 Hz power, the AOT-PA-4000 is a highly efficient and reliable ozone generator that offers superior performance and reliability. The unit's compact size of 382 x 203 x 234 mm makes it easy to install and operate in any indoor space.
Ozone Hair TreatmentOzone Hair Treatment 1

Ozone Hair Treatment Cap for Effective and Safe Hair Treatment

The Ozone Hair Treatment Cap is the perfect accessory for your ozone hair therapy routine. This cap is designed to help deliver the benefits of ozone therapy to your hair and scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and rejuvenating damaged hair. The cap is comfortable and easy to use, and it fits most head sizes. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to healthy, radiant hair with the Ozone Therapy Hair Cap.
Ozone Generator Cell Moduleozone module 2

advanced quartz tube Ozone Generator Cell Module for disinfection

  • Our quartz tube ozone generator cell module is designed for effective disinfection of air and water.
    The module features high-quality quartz tubes that ensure efficient ozone production and long-term durability. 
    The ozone generator cell module is easy to install and maintain, making it an ideal choice for various applications including water treatment, 
    air purification, and sterilization. Our module is also energy-efficient and produces ozone with low noise levels, making it a cost-effective and quiet 
    option for your disinfection needs. Trust us to provide you with a reliable and effective ozone generator cell module for all your disinfection requirements.
portable ozone generatorAOT PD 500 6 scaled

500mg/H Convenient Portable Ozone Generator of water treatment

A portable ozone generator is a device that produces ozone gas, which can be used to purify air and water. It is a compact and lightweight device that can be easily carried from one place to another. It can be used in homes, offices, and other places to remove odors, mold, bacteria, and viruses. The ozone generator works by creating ozone gas through a process called corona discharge, which breaks down oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. It is a highly effective tool for improving the quality of the air we breathe and the water we use.

Oxygen Concentratoroxygen concentrator

Best Quality Oxygen Concentrator for Efficient and Reliable Home Oxygen Therapy

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that takes in air from the environment and removes nitrogen, delivering concentrated oxygen to the patient. They are commonly used to treat patients with respiratory issues and provide a steady supply of oxygen to help alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. Portable oxygen concentrators are also available, which allow patients to move around more freely while still receiving oxygen therapy.

ozone suana kitsauna bag

medical ozone sauna machine for body therapy

home use personal medical sauna is for body health ,therapy mental health ,soreness of limbs.Product design according to the international steam treatment method to use steam heating stimulate metabolism to eliminate excess fat and toxins,relax the body and mind ,relax muscle fatigue.


ozone bottleozone bottle

duble glass bottle Ozone Glass Cup to ozone oil /water​

This glass cups with double walls are specially designed for making ozonated water. It has a bubbles inside the glass cup and with two luer connectors on the top—-one for injecting ozone gas, another for extra humidified ozone gas coming out. It is very easy to make ozonated water as well as humidfy the ozone gas for ozone treatments.

Commercial Ozone GeneratorOZONE GENERATOR

28g Commercial Ozone Generators for Air and Water Purification

The commercial ozone generators typically comes with a control panel that allows for adjustable output levels, and it may be used in a
variety of settings, such as homes, offices, and industrial facilities. Some models may also feature automatic shut-off
functions, timers, and air quality sensors for added convenience and safety.

Vaginal Insufflation Atomization kitVaginal Insufflation

Good Quality New Arrivals Ozone Vaginal Insufflation Atomization kit Ozone Dosage Insert Probe Vaginal Ozone Therapy Insufflation

Good Quality New Arrivals Ozone Vaginal Insufflation Atomization kit Ozone Dosage Insert Probe Vaginal Ozone Therapy Insufflation

Gynecological Ozone treatment is very popular nowadays. For Gynecological Ozone Therapies, you would need the professional vaginal ozone insufflation kit for idea treatments.

The vaginal insert probe is specially designed for fitting vaginal. Ozone gas can keep flowing inside, and extra ozone gas and liquid residue would flowing out via liquid trap and then to ozone destructor. The treatments can keep going on till it is completed.
It includes 3 parts:
1. vaginal insert
2. ozone destructor
3. liquid collector
4. silicon tubin

vegetable and fruit cleanerdetailed

New Hot-selling Products 9L Household fruit and vegetable detoxification disinfection de frutas machine multi-functional fruit vegetable cleaning machine

Household fruit and vegetable detoxification disinfection de frutas machine multi-functional vegetable cleaning machine

1. Efficient sterilization ,99% bacterial clearance rate

2. Deep purification ,multi-effect degradation
3. 9L large capacity to meet the needs of the whole family
4. 360° water circulation
5.UV purification Module spray Gun kit
Ozone Atomization Insufflation12 scaled

Best Sell Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit Gynecology therapy kit

The vaginal insufflation tube is a safe and convenient method for administering Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit . It ensures even distribution of ozone within the vagina, with one inlet for ozone supply and an outlet for waste gases and liquids. This method eliminates the risk of inhaling ozone and the need for additional safety measures like wearing masks or using fans to dissipate ozone gas.

Ozone moduleozone generator module

ozone generator modules Stable Corona Discharge Water Purification

Aquapure ozone module is a cutting-edge technology developed in Germany that utilizes corona discharge
technology. The generator part of the module comprises an accurate quartz tube and 304 stainless steel electrode,
which ensures optimal performance. The module is housed in an attractive casing that includes a fan cooling system,
which results in a stable unit that delivers excellent results. Using the Aquapure ozone module will help you gain a
competitive edge in the market, thanks to its exceptional performance and reliability.

cannula oxygen nasal1 1

Good price medical production cannula medical oxygen nasal tube

The Nasal Oxygen Cannula is an transporting Oxygen device with double channels,It is used to deliver supplemental oxygen to a patient or person in need of extra oxygen. The Nasal Oxygen Cannula is made from PVC in medical grade, consists of connector, mail connected tube, three channel conector, clip, branch connected tube,nostril sucker.


Competitive price 4.4 to 7.8cm Vacuum cupping Cup ozone cupping therapy

Experience the healing power of our Plastic Vacuum Cupping Cups for Ozone Cupping Therapy. Crafted from durable and transparent plastic, these cups create a vacuum when applied to the skin, allowing for targeted ozone delivery. Enhance circulation, oxygenation, and detoxification while promoting natural healing processes. Whether used by professionals or at home, our cups offer a convenient and effective way to revitalize your body and improve overall well-being. Take control of your health with Plastic Vacuum Cupping Cups for Ozone Cupping Therapy.

1 1520新设计

High quality 4-95ug/ml ozone therapy machine medical ozone therapy equipment for rectal insufflation therapy

High quality 4-95ug/ml ozone therapy machine medical ozone therapy equipment for rectal insufflation therapy

The versatile and German designed Multi-functional Ozone Therapy Generator is used for ozone therapy applications and has the added functionality to be suitable for residential applications involving air and water purification.

The Multi-functional Ozone Generator requires a supplementary source either air (from air pump) or oxygen (from oxygen tank) for operation.

Medical grade Ozone GeneratorAOT MD 500 Front

Good quality 10-100mg/L adjustable medical grade ozone generator

The model AOT-MD-500 is a most popular medical ozone generator that designed for multi-treatments with medical grade ozone gas.
It uses the 99.9% stainless steel or Titanium electrodes to make pure oxygen/ozone mixed gas in high accuracy of ozone concentrations.
There are 4 switches are available, and it can deliver pure ozone from low to high concentrations (10-100 ug/mL) for different therapy applications.
Specially, it has been built-in both the powerful ozone destructor and ozone fan and makes the machine very convenient to use.

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